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Fake Plastic Memory

I’ve almost forgotten how good it feels to talk incessantly with a girlfriend.

Not the ‘girlfriend’ like how guys said it, but the girlfriend whom we girls talk to, most of time. About things we don’t talk with boyfriends. Even if I did talk about it with them, I personally have to admit, girls talking session is so addictive. It’s always completely different experience. No offense, guys..

Maybe it’s not gender related, and more about personality. I don’t mean to be sexist, but still, I think girls have their own way to describe things, express feelings, in ways guys couldn’t.

So I’m really thankful to have smart and sensible girlfriends ❤


Last night I had a rendezvous with my roommate, at last, after all travelling and struggling episodes for the past weeks.

Talk about travelling. She’s just back from Osaka 5 days ago, and she has a resolution to reinvent her instagram account. It’s now themed. (Click here to read her blog and follow her instagram) I think it’s a great idea to make social media as a project, rather than pouring our whole life into it, like I do now.. lol.

I still like peeking on people’s stories on instagram. It kills boredom, temporarily. Although we’re wondering how does it feel to always have the urge to update your feed all the time.

Okay, I sound like that sad grumpy person who  judges people from their socmed accounts.

But let’s be honest here.

These days, if you get to travel somewhere new that you haven’t been before, what’s the absolute thing that you think you MUST do when you get there?

Find a cool spot. Click.
Oh no, I closed my eyes there. Retake. Click.
Hmm why do I look so fat in here? Again. Click.
Eh, someone walked on the background. What a photobomb. Click. Click.

Wow, there’s a nice attraction! Let’s take a video..

Then suddenly the time’s up and you have to go back home.

Have you ever counted the time you spent staring at something (that awesome building, beautiful scenery, your spouse’s face) through your phone/camera, and wondered if you do that a lot more than looking at those precious things first-hand with your very own eyes while you’re there?

If you ever done this kind of trip, let me ask something: did you truly enjoy it?

I don’t know about you, but I did this kind of trip all the time, and sometimes I feel like a zombie.

A photo zombie.

So if I do these things all the time, why bother? Writing all these and becoming hypocrite? I’m just sad. I pity myself from doing this and I want to stop. This habit made my experiences feel like fake plastic memories. I was there, but not quite there.

I’ve seen some Hanabi during my stay in Japan. I remember at first, I automatically tempted to record it. Then after a few minutes, I get rid that rectangular screen off of my face. The fireworks actually looked hundred times more beautiful.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to take pictures or videos. If you’re a photographer, and it’s your job to do so, then please do it. But if you’re not, and you still want to capture the moment, then please do it too.. I won’t stop you, I swear, just please remember what’s the point of your trip. Or if there’s any, really.

I know it all too well: that annoying feeling tugging at the back of your head.. you need something to bring home. Or you want some evidence that you were there. Or you need publication on your socmed. Or whatever other reason.. but does it really worth it to be the only thing you do there?

How I miss the old days when I knew exactly what I want to do if I travel somewhere. Let’s go to the beach to swim. Go to the mountain to build a camp, stay the night and cook wedang jahe, the thing I’ll drink only when I feel like about to freeze to death.

Ceteris paribus, it feels nice to meet and talk to people you care about, face to face. See everything first-hand, with your very own eyes. Memories won’t go easily. Photos can be faked, so don’t make excuses about documentation blah blah blah..
no cameras allowed

It’s kind of scary today, the first thing people do when some extraordinary thing happened is taking out their smartphones and snap! they go. I wonder if it’s okay to let ourselves becoming this kind of drone-society, when silly publication and internet fame are everything we worry about..

I heard that information is the new currency now in this age. But still, if you see something extraordinary, for example, someone gets hurt, don’t you think the first thing you should do is helping them? Or at least calling for help, if you can? I think we should re-learn to be humans inside the picture, not some heartless picture-taking robots.

Disclaimer: I’m not technophobic, just a concerned citizen of the 21st century world.

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