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No, I’m not gonna write a song, let alone a music album. Because I’m neither Taylor Swift nor Adele. I am me, a girl who had turned 22 yesterday and went ranting on her blog the day after.

So what’s about 22?

I kinda like the number: 22. It’s unusual since I’d always pick odd numbers any day of a week. But this number kinda funny. It’s like twin character. It’s two-twos. Double two. Twin of two. Number two also looks like a swan, and now it looks like there are two swans..(and so what??)

Couples in Korea even have a habit to celebrate their 22 of the month anniversary. I guess that became more special for them, since couple means 2 people. I know it’s not make sense—that’s what I thought at first—but now I think it’s cute.

The thing is.. I feel terrified now that I’m 22.

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