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How to Pick a Movie

What makes me watch a movie when no one recommends it?

IMDB Rating

Simple. When I can’t get any recommendations, I’ll look for it. IMDB rating, as you may already know it, is in 1-10 scale. Of course I’ll look for movies with good rating, like 8 or 9 out of 10. Sometimes IMDB rating is not quite enough to convince me, though. Sometimes I don’t really like high-rated movies, but enjoy watching movies with ratings around 5,6, or 7 out of 10. So I don’t really mind the rating as long as it’s no less than 5. For second opinion I’ll check rotten tomatoes too,  in a rare occasion.


Some people told me it’s shallow and unfair, especially when I like some particular actors for their looks. Well I can’t help it. Besides, I don’t fancy them ONLY because of their looks, I also admire their talents! And yes, I’ll add a movie to my wish-list without any further consideration, the moment I saw one of my favourite  actors or actresses played in it.

I also have a weird-desperate wish about watching a movie with Tom Felton and Emma Watson as the main cast in it (yes I just slipped a feltson material in my blog AGAIN and I’m not sorry, please punish me!). I wonder if any directors will consider it. Afterall they’re two famous harry potter casts—besides Daniel and Rupert—idk how much will it costs to put them together in a movie again. Should we persuade some producers??

Anyway talk about actors I’ve found an interesting website with cool content, design, and illustration about famous actors. It’s called “The Many Faces Of..”, I found it when I’m looking for Alan Rickman. Click here to check it out.


That’s what it’s made for: to convince people to watch the movie. And it’s effective. We called it advertisement.

By the way—out of the topic—have you watch The Holiday? Watching Cameron Diaz’s job in that movie made me wonder how it feels like to work as a movie trailer director.. I bet it’ll be fun.

Movie Poster

Movie is an art, and so is the poster. If I don’t like a certain movie poster, usually I don’t have any desire to watch the movie either. At least I need more time and more convincing factors to finally pick it up and watch it. I know it’s sad and kind of “judging a book by its cover”. However I am judging a movie by its poster. It’s a habit came from my unconscious mind. Besides aren’t movie posters supposed to be some kind of advertisement?


Reading people’s reviews pretty much helps me. Especially when I remember to make sure there’s no spoilers in it! Mostly I read reviews in IMDB (again!) or any random personal blogs. What I like about reviews is the reviewer usually write a title of his/her review.

Reading reviews is about learning to know how people like or dislike a movie and reasons behind it all. It’s fun to know a lot of different opinions about something. I love reading inspirational blogs, as much as I love writing my own blog. And surprise, surprise.. I’m planning to write more movie reviews in near future. Let’s pray I’ll get over my laziness soon and please kindly vote the title! 🙂


I’m watching a movie because of its title. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true!! A title has to represent the whole story. And a certain title of a good story is enough to tempt me—even if the poster isn’t my favourite, yes. Have you heard about The Invention of Lying, Being John Malkovich, Stranger Than Fiction, or My Life Without Me? If you tempted to watch those movies because of the titles, we have the same problem. But if you’re not, good for you. You have a chance to judge more than knowing the title.


When the title is not enough to represent its whole story, let’s read the synopsis. As usual, I read synopsis in IMDB (again and again!) or asianwiki for asian movies. But there were many times when I found the synopsis only in two or three sentences without explaining anything interesting. Meanwhile if the synopsis longer than usual, there’re probably spoilers in it. So that’s all about synopsis: sometimes it helps, if you’re lucky.


Okay to be frank I’m not sure to add this on the list and eventually I did. I guess sometimes I’m interested in a random movie when I know that it was directed by a certain director, eventhough I don’t know much about them.. For Indonesian movies I like Hanung Bramantyo’s works. And based on my favourite movies, apparently I like Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, and Hayao Miyazaki.


Now this is really personal. Do you have any particural genre you don’t like? If you ask me, I’m not a fan of horror movies. Although that doesn’t mean I never watch it. I watched horror in a certain inevitable situation, like when I’m hanging out with my friends or my horror-lover cousin.

The concept of watching movie for me is about entertainment and inspiration—while I never find both of them in horror movies, because being scared is hardly entertained, duh! I enjoyed movies mostly in fantasy, comedy, and sci-fi genre. Action, drama, and romance are also my favourite but they’d better not alone in a movie or it’ll be boring. An addition of thriller and mystery will be interesting too, as long as it’s not too much to make it too depressing like horror. Then the most exquisite genre: music! I’d pick it  any days of a week. But let’s not mix it up with musical, where dialogues replaced with singing—that’s totally not my thing.

So that’s all I could tell about picking a movie, based on personal preferences. Hope you found this useful. 🙂

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