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Babbling Out

I felt like it’s been forever since my last post, but I won’t be sorry or apologize. Please don’t ask me that. Because what I’m gonna write was unimportant things. Just a trash.

Like the title, I’m just babbling out right now. Don’t read if you don’t want to. Seriously, i honestly thought it’s much better spending your time to read another things much worthy than this. But well, if you insist, don’t blame me when you regret it.

Have you ever been under pressure? I’m not sure that was the right sentence to express my question, but what i tried to ask was: have you ever been in a condition, that made you feel like pushed to do something you actually couldn’t, or something you didn’t think could do, but somehow you should do it? Then there were many things, it could be people or any other factors around you, that made you completely mad? Because somehow you expect them to help you, to accomplish some particular job perfectly, but in the most anticipated moment, they weren’t there?

As an architecture student, there were many times I had in such condition, especially when it comes to design studio’s assignments. But it doesn’t always an academic case (I’m talking about the under pressure condition). And I honestly aware that the feeling I felt related to academic case maybe just because I’m a spoiled brat. It’s different if we were talking about non-academic case, not about assignments or lectures, but something more..

Argh. I don’t know what I’ve written just now. Forget it. It’s not like I feel that way right now, anyway. Or maybe it is.
..No. Of course not.

I already warned you, this IS a trash.

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