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Fanfics fever!

I don’t remember when was the first time I read a fanfiction, though i’ve already know about it since a long time ago. Maybe from,, or another place when I first saw drawings or paintings in doujinshi (Japanese term for fanfiction, cmiiw anyway) genre, then I loved many of them.

When I first read a doujinshi, it almost hit me hard. Actually I’ve been doing these fanfiction things since I was in elementary school, but barely realized what I’ve been doing back then. It was because I never make it into paper, I just playing the story in my head. I always do that everytime a story makes me sunken into its plot, wandered around its own world inside the book.

There’re many stories I loved, but hated the ending. Sometimes the story didn’t work out the way I wanted, so I just ignore what the authors wrote in their books and made my own better story in my head. And that’s how a fanfiction/doujinshi works!

So, from a couple days ago, I’ve started reading harry potter fanfics. More specific, some “Dramione” fanfics. (FYI Dramione stands for Draco-Hermione. Yes, they made them couple.) Since I don’t really like Ron-Hermione as a couple in the first place, somehow the movie makes Draco Malfoy fabulously handsome, and love between enemies couldn’t be more exciting. They made me love Draco-Hermione as a couple.


I must really love them because I can read their fanfics for hours, even a whole night long. Sometimes how I really excited about them makes me scared my self. But I know there’s time for things like this, so I’m just enjoying it. I know someday it’ll make me bored (like another things I ever crazy about) so I’ll be less excited about them, but not now. You can call me freak and I won’t feel offended. =p Not that I agreed, but sometimes a tiny sound in my head tells me that what I do now is similar with what people think a freak would do. And I don’t really care. teehee! 😀

Talking about Dramione fanfics, if you’re interested to read it too, just remember this tips: mind the rate. When it rated M, there’re possibly many adult scenes in it, so just prepared in case you’ll think it disgusting because I often do. Yeah I’m already 20, but I don’t really appreciate those scenes.

So there’s a dramione fanfic, A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy by Countess of Abe. In this fanfic, Draco Malfoy already had a son from undesired “accident” with Pansy Parkinson. They’re married although didn’t love each other, then divorced 5 years later. Draco became a warm-harted father, He really loves his son, Zane Malfoy. And somehow Hermione and her friend, Donny, end up being Zane’s teachers.

Here’s one of funny parts of the story, which made me LOL. A dialogue between Draco Malfoy and his 5 years old son, when they had a dinner (P.S.: Zane was only 5 years old, he can’t say “Hermione” fluently because it’s a little too hard for him) :

“Daddy, what’s a hottie?”

Draco choked on the sip of water he was taking as his son asked the offending question. “What? Where did you hear that word?”

“Miss Donny said it,” Zane replied.

Draco realized that the other teacher must have been drooling over the Quidditch player in front of his son. How lovely.

“Well, um, a hottie is a person that someone finds attractive,” Draco explained.

Zane stared at his father with a blank gaze. “What does that mean?”

Draco rubbed his forehead. “Ok, when you get older, you’re going to start thinking that girls are pretty…”

“Ew, yuck!” Zane grimaced.

Draco chuckled at his son’s innocence. Oh, the good old days when girls had cooties

“So, when you think a girl is pretty, you would call her a hottie, and the same for when girls think boys are handsome,” Draco lamely explained.

“Oh,” Zane said. “I think Miss Hernime is pretty. So, is she a hottie?”

Draco resisted the urge to laugh. God, how could he explain this to his son without confessing what he truly thought of the horrible she-zilla. “You can only think someone is a hottie when you’re a grown up.”

Great job, Draco. Wonderful parenting. This kid is on the fast-track to a Freudian complex.

“You’re a growmup, daddy,” Zane said. “Only growmups can know hotties? Is Miss Her-mi-one a hottie to you? Is Miss Donny a hottie?”

Draco wanted to cry. Just curl up in a ball and cry. When would the bloody questions stop? “Miss Hermione and Miss Donny are teachers and teachers cannot be hotties.”

And the bullshit award goes to Draco Malfoy.

“Why?” Zane asked.

“Because they work with children,” Draco said. Where in the hell was he coming up with these lies?

Zane looked confused. Draco felt confused… and nauseous… and tired.

“Are you a hottie, daddy?” Zane asked.

Draco nearly laughed, but stopped himself to prevent hurting his son’s feelings. “All Malfoys are hotties, Zane. It’s common knowledge.”

“I’m a Malfoy! I’m a hottie, too, daddy!” Zane said happily. “And gamma and gampa!”

This was officially the strangest conversation Draco had ever had with another human being.


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