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AUGUST RUSH movie review

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last post, and I’d like to tell a review about one of movies I recently watched, altough this isn’t a new one. Actually it’s released in 2007.

First of all I must warn you, readers, this is a movie about music, but this is not a musical movie like some exaggerating movies where people confused with dialogues and songs. They’re totally different.

The title of the movie “August Rush” comes from the lead character: Evan Taylor, a young music prodigy. He is an orphan who sneaks away from the orphanage to find his real parents. He has absolute faith that music will mystically reunite him with his parents, who he is certain must be somewhere out there, although he has no clues to their identity. He is listening to the music from nature and anything that makes sound as a “message”, and somehow he thinks he should reply their message by playing the music.

Evan Taylor's Photo
Evan Taylor

So Evan sneaks away from the orphanage into the big city, where he is “adopted” by Wizard, the leader of a collection of street performing children. Wizard sees the child’s gift for music, which he wants to use for his own personal gain. He renames the kid “August Rush,” and tries to manage the kid’s career.

Meanwhile, fate is reuniting August’s biological parents, Lyla and Louis. Lyla is a renowned and beautiful cellist and Louis is a rock musician, bass player in club. Lyla and Louis falls in love once they meet each other following the music. Since they have different life and because of Lyla’s conniving, ambitious father; they have to separate without seeing each other again.

However, Lyla has had their baby-Evan, a prodigy born to music. Lyla has an accident and bears the baby prematurely. In case of affecting her career, Lyla’s father tells her that the baby died and gives the baby to an orphanage without telling her.
Lyla just found out that her child alive after 11 years later, when both Louis and Lyla have been giving up the music career, and the poor little Evan goes to New York to find his parents.

Overall I think this is a nice movie. Especially the music, it’s like an orchestra that gathers all kind of sounds, classical or rock, it’s great. The music that reaches all people..
Altough some people said that the ideas some kind of “unoriginal”, like:
Child separated from parents, hoping something in the world will reunite them (An American Tail).
Street urchins held together by a cruel gang-leader (Oliver Twist).
The notion that some unseen “force” unifies the world (Star Wars).

However, it happened to be one of my favourite and recommended movie. 🙂

NOTE: “August Rush” is rated PG (Parental Guidance suggested). The title character was conceived out of wedlock.

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    1. thanks for reading and nice guessing 🙂
      i really like One Piece, it’s one that i like most.
      do you like it too?
      i think One Piece is more than just an ordinary manga, Eichiro Oda is totally insane.. he’s a real genius.

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