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Twitter for Animals

Here we humans, can follow the Twitter Account of various kinds of animal species!

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North African Elephant – God, I hate the Romans! Now they’ve finally killed us all! Just for fun! Can you believe that? Have they lost their mind or what?
19 centuries ago via TweetDeck

Rodrigues Parrot – We’re leaving the mainland now, thanks to those selfish predators!
3 centuries ago via API

Eurasian Aurochs – Hey guys! Guess what? A group of Swedish Army finally found the remains of my body! Now they put my skull nicely at the Livrustkammaren Museum in Stockholm! Isn’t that cool? Too bad none of my relatives could visit the museum to see my skull, since they’re all dead too.Haha
385 years ago via Ubertwitter

Broad-billed Parrot – Oh great, not just those two-legged humans has been hunting us to extinction now our eggs are also being eaten by a pack of crazy rats! What a perfect life we have!
332 years ago via web

Domed Rodrigues Giant Tortoise – To all other turtles in the world…we’re finally leaving now, see you all again in heaven one day!
212 years ago via Mobile Tweete

Red Gazelle – Hey, do you know that 15.820 species of animals are already extinct in Africa including my species? Is that shocking or what?
118 years ago via web

Atlas Bear – Hey Red Gazelle! Guess what? Now I’ve become extinct too! We’re on the same road now bro! 😀
113 years ago via Mobile Tweete

Bubal Hartebeest – I really really hate the person who invented shotguns! Because of that cursed thing, now all of my family has died tragically. 😦
89 years ago via API

Madeiran Wood Pigeon – Hahaha…there is no hope for those pigeon hunters who still keep looking for us these dayws! Hello, wake up guys! We’re totally gone!
88 years ago via Mobile Tweete

Tasmanian Tiger – Here comes our last day on earth, better be ready my friends!
76 years ago via Ubertwitter

Balinese Tiger – Horaaaay! I finally can go to heaven and be with my familiy again! They unexpectedly shot me today!
75 tears ago via Ubertwitter

South Island Kokako – If anyone ever tells you that they’ve seen us these days in New Zealand, don’t bother to believe, we’re extinct okay? Accept it!
52 years ago via TweetDeck

Mauritian Duck – Wow, I never thought that this is the day when Mauritian Ducks are actually extinct due to overhunting! Well, what can I say? What’s done is done.
43 years ago via UberTwitter

Giant Panda – Oh God, 7,725 more animal species are now about to extinct, I just heard the news from the TV..Whew I better kill myself now…”-________-
6 years ago via UberTwitter

Sumatran Orangutan – Damn it! The IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona, has confirmed an extinction crisis, with almost one in four mammals at risk of disappearing forever! What should we do to make all of these stupid humans started to realize this disaster? Can I call like…the government of this country maybe? Has anyone happen to know the number?
4 years ago via TweetDeck

Blue Whale – Dear all humans in the world, we’re all animals are dying now. Soon after, we’ll probably all gone from this world. Help us please, please, please, you’re all our only hope. 🙂
1 minutes ago via UberTwitter

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