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INTO THE WILD movie review

A couple weeks ago i’ve watched this movie in an english course. I remember that the teacher isn’t native teacher, and that was our first class with him after some classes we spent with a native speaker. But all i can say is i really appreciate this guy. He spoke as fluent as native teacher, and somehow i think he’s a lot better than the native teacher. The way he talked to us was really friendly, and more importantly, he could make our class fun and enjoyable,, no frightening us with such a serious atmosphere.

So, in the first meeting we watched Into The Wild movie. This movie is pretty worth-watching. Seriously. And why i wrote the review? of course because i’ve told to do that. :p but somehow i enjoyed this activity, and i think i could do this again for another movie i’ve watched next time.

This review is pure from my own words, so i apologize first if there’re any gramatical mistakes.. i’m still learning.. ^^;v

into the wild movie

This is a true story about a 23 years old man named Christopher McCandless. He was a clever guy and he felt unsatisfied with such a ‘normal life’ that his parents ordered him to do. He intended to find his own freedom, living into the wild without money, car, or any of his possesions except a few in his backpack.

In rejection of materialist, conventional life, and of his parents, he destroyed all of his identities, donated nearly his entire savings to Oxfam (an NGO) then he leaved his family. A part of reasons that made him abandoned his family was the parents. He disappointed with his parents, for keeping a lie about the family. He found out that actually his father was still married with another woman when he married his mother, and they lived an unhappy marriage.. they used to fight even in front of the children.

At the beginning of his journey ‘into the wild’, he made a new birthday date of his new self: Alexander Supertramp. On the way to his destination, Alaska, he met people and get along with them, but he never stay too long because he used to believe that his existence only depends to his own strength. So he never let himself depend to other people.

Finally he reached Alaska. He found a ‘magic bus’ as his home, he lived by hunting animals to make food and enjoyed his new way of life. But then the animals decreased. It was winter, and he was lack of foodstuff. For a while, he was thinking about his family and the people he met on the journey. He remembered the old man’s words: when you love and forgive, the god light will shine to you. Little by little, he could forgive his parents and intended to have a good life.

So when the spring came, he decided to walk home. But a river that frozen in winter was already melted. It was impossible to be passed. So he walked back to his magic bus, tried to find some edible plant to eat, but unfortunately he mistaken the poisonous mushroom as edible plant. He suffered for a while, he was dying. And the last lesson he wrote on his jurnal before he died was: happiness only real when shared.


10 thoughts on “INTO THE WILD movie review

  1. Gue jg udh ntn dan setuju bgt klo filmnya emg bgs bgt. Film-nya Sean Penn! Hehe. Tp menurut gw, org aslinya a.k.a si Chris itu bego bgt! Buat cari ketenangan jiwa, byk kok cara lain yg lbh “bijak” daripada bakar duit atau bunuh diri (pelajaran: teliti dulu sblm asal makan tanaman, apakah beracun atau nggak^^)

    AWY, Mia, good luck dgn kursusnya tapi, kayanya yang kamu tulis lebih ke ringkasan filmnya deh, bukan review. Hehe.

    1. iya bgt, i couldn’t agree more.
      hm,, lebih mirip sinopsis daripada review ya? wawaw,, jadi malu.
      ok, i’ll be more careful next time. thanks 4 ur comment. 🙂

  2. Gue suka film ini, but i must say, Christopher McCandless was a STUPID person. I guess some naturalists are (or should i say “naturalist wanabees^^?). And we should learn from his mistakes, as well as Timothy Treadwell’s and Aron Ralston’s.

      1. Oops! Sorry for not explaining properly. Well, you see, if you think that Chris was a freak, then Tim Treadwell was freakier. Dia itu pecinta grizzly bear yang saking cintanya (atau saking gilanya?) berkunjung tiap tahun ke sarang beruang-beruang itu dan akhirnya… he’s dead (along with his girlfriend). Killed and eaten by a grizzly bear. You should watch the documentary movie called Grizzly Man by Werner Herzog.

        And Aron Ralston is the smartest among these three. Because, at least he ended up alive^^. Singkatnya, dia jalan-jalan ke canyon dan tangan kanannya ketimpa batu (yang membuat dia terjebak selama 5 hari), dan demi menyelamatkan diri, dia terpaksa harus motong tangannya sendiri. Cerita tentang si Aron ini baru dirilis kok. You should see it. It’s called 127 Hours and it stars James Franco (who performed VERY well in the movie^^). Kalo film Into The Wild itu endingnya agak depressing, kalo film ini jusru sebaliknya; hopeful.

        Well, that’s it, then. Hope it’s informative enough for you^^.

        P.S. :Also, check out my blog if you have some time! Hehehehe.

      2. Thanks 4 your recommendation! I just added them to my wish-list. 🙂

        Aron Ralston’s story sounded like some part of a horror movie, Saw isnt it? Well, I dont know the detail because I dont like horror movies, hehe.
        There’s another similiar story in manga One Piece: Ceritanya ada kapten bajak laut yang terjebak di pulau kecil, terus dia sengaja motong kakinya untuk menghemat bahan makanan yg memang terbatas.–> jadi dia makan daging kakinya sendiri. hiiiy
        However, Saw & One Piece are only fiction. :p

        Anyway is it james franco the “harry osborn”? Waw, I think I should watch it immediately. He’s so charming.. ^^

        Hey, actually I already read ur blog since the first time u post ur comment here, but I dont have a chance to leave any comment, though. (I’ve started a new semester about a week ago & suddenly there’s a lot of things 2 do. –> sok sibuk, hehe)
        My first impression is: It’s so interesting! The blog of you & fyrsta ayuno is expressive & enjoyable to read. U both really have something, u know.

        p.s.: Is it ok if I put your blog link in my friends list?

    1. di EEP teh,, tapi kayanya abis tes kenaikan level mau berenti deh.. hehe
      kayanya lebih enak di the center aja.. lebih murah pulak..

  3. i had watched this film mia…..waktu itu nonton di indovision…bagus banget kok filmnya.sangat menyentuh,,,,intinya klo hidup harus bisa bersosialisasi sama orang lain.jangan cuma hidup enak sendiri 🙂

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